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CFP: Wharton and Masculinities (ALA; Deadline 1.15.2014)

Call for Papers, American Literature Association (ALA) Washington, D.C.
May 22-25, 2014
Wharton and Masculinities

The Edith Wharton Society invites paper proposals that consider Wharton’s interest in constructions of masculinity.  Papers might address normative and non-normative masculinities, historical approaches to men’s cultures and subcultures, male figures in relation to Wharton’s narrative technique, men’s imagined and real spaces (including, but not limited to, interiors, decors, architectural plans, and gardens), nationalized iterations of manhood, and social as well as homosocial relationships between men in Wharton’s work.  Send proposals and one-page CVs to Melanie Dawson at by January 15, 2014.

New Book: American Writers in Europe: 1850 to the Present

ImageWriters in Europe: 1850 to the Present. Edited by Ferdâ Asya. Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

The chapters on the works of Nathaniel Parker Willis, E.D.E.N. Southworth, Gertrude Atherton, John Cournos, Edith Wharton, Muriel Rukeyser, Langston Hughes, Edwin Rolfe, John Ashbery, Adrienne Rich, Richard Wilbur, Allen Ginsberg, Harriet Welty Rochefort, and Suzy Gershman, explore the impartial critical outlook that American writers acquired in different parts of Europe, from 1850 to the present, and used as a lens to view Europe and America. Focusing on some less familiar writers, they reveal intriguing aspects of the lives and works of American writers than those of the customarily anthologized expatriates. Offering a broad range of American experiences in Europe in an extensive span of time, the book widens the history of the transatlantic cultural and literary dialogue between America and Europe.

Wharton in the News: Berenson and Wharton on The Last Supper

From The Observer

In her new biography Bernard Berenson: A Life in the Picture Trade, which was just published by the Yale University Press, Rachel Cohen offers up a nice little anecdote about the mutual distaste that the Old Master scholar Bernard Berenson and his good friend Edith Wharton had for Leonardo da Vinci and in particular his Last Supper (1494–98).  

. . .

Wharton was enthused, writing to Berenson in a letter:

I must dash off a word of gratitude & rejoicing; for on the very first page I find are ‘excretions’ of the Last Supper. Ever since I first saw it (at 17) I’ve wanted to bash that picture’s face, & now, now, at last, the most-authorized fist in the world has done the job for me! Hooray!!!

EWS News: Minutes from the ALA Business Meeting (May 2013)


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Minutes, Edith Wharton Society (EWS) Business Meeting Friday, 24 May, 2013 Westin Copley Place, Boston Massachusetts, Baltic Room

Present: Meredith Goldsmith, Emily Orlando, Paul Ohler, Carole Shaffer-Koros, Sharon Kehl Califano, Melanie Dawson, Hildegard Hoeller, Julie Olin-Ammentorp, Laura Rattray, Sharon Shaloo, Elsa Nettles, Maureen Montgomery, Mary Carney, Kate Fama and others

Society President Meredith Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 12:40 pm. Paul Ohler took the minutes. Continue reading