More Back Issues of the Edith Wharton Reviews are online

More issues of the Edith Wharton Review have been placed online. These issues and more are available from the “Back Issues” tab of the menu bar.


Volume 27.2, Fall 2011 ewr27-2f11

Faulstick, Dustin H. “‘He that Loveth Silver Shall Not Be Satisfied with Silver’” Reconsidering the Connection between The House of Mirth and Ecclesiastes.”Edith Wharton Review 27.2 (Fall 2011): 1-12.

Patten, Ann L. “‘The Wanamaker Touch in Fiction’ and Edith Wharton’s Guide to Novel-writing in Hudson River Bracketed and The Gods Arrive.” Edith Wharton Review 27.2 (Fall 2011): 12-22.

Raphael, Lev. “Writing Wharton’s Wrong.” Edith Wharton Review 27.2 (Fall 2011): 22-2.

Shaffer-Koros, Carol. “Wharton in New York.” Edith Wharton Review 27.2 (Fall 2011): 23-24.

Goldman-Price, Irene. “Edith Wharton Collection Research Report.” Edith Wharton Review 27.2 (Fall 2011): 24-25.

Olin-Ammentorp, Julie. Rev. of Edith Wharton and the Politics of Race by Jennie A. Kassanoff. Edith Wharton Review 27.2 (Fall 2011): 25-26.

Campbell, Donna. Rev. of The Unpublished Writings of Edith Wharton, ed. Laura Rattray. Edith Wharton Review 27.2 (Fall 2011): 26-27.

Volume 27.1, Spring 2011 ewr27-1fs11

Marchand, Mary V. “Object Lessons: Wharton’s The Custom of the Country and the New Connoisseurship.” Edith Wharton Review 27.1 (Spring 2011):1-10.

Fedorko, Kathy. “Lily Lives: How Virginia Woolf Reimagines Edith Wharton’s Lily Bart in Mrs. Dalloway.” Edith Wharton Review 27.1 (Spring 2011):11-17.

Glennon, Jenny. “The Big Bribes: Jewelry, American Taste, and Globalization in Wharton’s Twenties Novels.” Edith Wharton Review 27.1 (Spring 2011):17-22.

Totten, Gary. Rev. of The Brave Escape of Edith Wharton: A Biography by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge. Edith Wharton Review 27.1 (Spring 2011):23.


Volume 26.2, Fall 2010 ewr26-1f10

Guest Editor: Laura Rattray, University of Hull

Campbell, Donna. “Edith Wharton’s ‘Book of the Grotesque’: Sherwood Anderson, Modernism, and the Late Stories.” Edith Wharton Review 26.2 (Fall 2010): 1-5.

Jabbur, Adam. “‘Land of Contrasts,’ Land of Art: Morocco and the Imagination of Edith Wharton.” Edith Wharton Review 26.2 (Fall 2010):5-11.

Montgomery, Maureen E. “Edith Wharton: Narrating the Past.” Edith Wharton Review 26.2 (Fall 2010):5-11.