CFP: Edith Wharton and Hemingway (Essay collection; 4.15.15)

Contributors are sought for a proposed collection of essays on Edith Wharton and Ernest Hemingway, tentatively titled _Architects of American Modernism:  Wharton and Hemingway_.   Louisiana State University Press has expressed interest in this project and asked to review a full proposal.

Edith Wharton and Ernest Hemingway have a great deal in common:  They were both American modernist writers who lived as expatriates in Paris.  They were both active in World War I well before the U.S. declared war.  Both wrote in a range of genres, including novels, short fiction, drama, travel writing, and magazine journalism, and they shared a publisher, Scribner’s.  Both wrote novels that became bestsellers, and both won the Pulitzer Prize.  Hemingway owned six of Wharton’s books and mentioned her in a letter, while Wharton belittled his books in her private writing and in a letter once openly mocked the Americans who frequented the cafes of Montparnasse.

While scholars have already agreed to contribute essays on a host of topics (including World War I, expatriate modernism, Biblical allusion, architecture/interior decoration, the New Woman, masculinity, the short story, and international celebrity), topics on which I would particularly like to see proposals include the following:

  • Wharton and Hemingway in Africa (In Morocco and Green Hills of Africa, Under Kilimanjaro, and the two African short stories)
  • Teaching Wharton and Hemingway
  • Wharton and Hemingway and Italy
  • Wharton and Hemingway and France
  • Wharton and Hemingway and medicine
  • Wharton and Hemingway and Scribners (the publisher)
  • Wharton and Hemingway and Scribner’s (the magazine)
  • Wharton and Hemingway and the Pulitzer Prize
  • Wharton and Hemingway and anti-Semitism
  • Other proposed topics are also welcome!

The ideal length for essays would be about 20-25 pages.

Those interested should contact Lisa Tyler, professor of English at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, at, (937) 512-2250, or English Department, Sinclair Community College, 444 West Third St., Dayton, OH 45402, with a 500-word proposal and a biographical paragraph.

Deadline for proposals is April 15, 2015.

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