Wharton in the News: New Play — Tea with Edie and Fitz

My name is Adam Pasen and I am the playwright of Tea with Edie and Fitz, a new work about the notorious meeting between Edith Wharton and F. Scott Fitzgerald at her estate for tea. I am e-mailing because the play (in addition to winning the BroadwayWorld Award for best new work and having monologues from it included in Best Women’s Stage Monologues and Scenes 2014 from Smith & Kraus) was recently published in its entirety by Chicago Dramaworks. I was wondering if you will be willing mention this on the Edith Wharton Society page in the New Books and Edith Wharton in the News section and/or on the Twitter Feed. It would be an honor to be able to reach so many Wharton aficionados at once!
I have included a link to the publication page below as well as a production still of Edith with Scott Fitzgerald from the show. Please let me know if you would be willing to share the play with the Society, it would mean so much to me!
Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
Adam Pasen