CFP: Wharton Panel at ALA 2017 (Deadline 1.15.17)

Wharton Chapters

Wharton’s works are increasingly making their ways into a range of scholarly projects that extend beyond studies of a single author.  For scholars who are focusing on projects that involve a range of writers and/or readers interested in Wharton’s role in book projects, how is Wharton’s work part of a broader conversation?  What approaches to Wharton’s writing are these projects privileging or producing?  How might they contribute to or challenge existing studies of Wharton’s work?  Finally, what might these projects suggest to us about the present and future of Wharton studies in the academy?  Please send 250 – 300 word proposals to Melanie Dawson at no later than January 15.  

Melanie Dawson

David and Carolyn Wakefield Term Distinguished Associate Professor of English

Director of English Honors

Department of English

College of William and Mary