CFP: Edith Wharton Panel at ALA 2018

For The American Literature Association Association Conference

May 24-7 2018, San Francisco, CA

Wharton and the West

We invite proposals for papers that explore variations on the idea of the West in Wharton’s work.  Both the West and the Midwest are referenced in Wharton’s work in relation to cultural formations, types of characters, and cultures that appear distinct from the urban Northeast featured in many of the author’s works.  In addition, Western writers came into fashion during Wharton’s era, including any number of writers about California, exploration, about the changing landscape of the heartland through the West coast.   How might Wharton’s work register the presence and popularity of Western writers (Bret Harte, Frank Norris, or Gertrude Atherton, for example)?   How might we consider Wharton’s familiarity with the people of the west, broadly conceived?  How might the presence of Western writing or Western narratives leave traces in Wharton’s oeuvre?  Send 200 word a proposals and curriculum vita to by Jan 15.

Melanie Dawson

David and Carolyn Wakefield Term Distinguished Associate Professor of English

Director of English Honors

Department of English
College of William and Mary