Wharton Queries: Teachable EW story involving gender and class?

Hello Wharton-loving friends,
I’m a high school teacher about to move my students from a unit on Jane Eyre into American literature including Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and some contemporary writers. I wish we had time to read Ethan Frome, but we don’t. Is there a Wharton short story you would particularly recommend as relatively accessible, relatively short, and interested in the matters of gender and class that interest my students?

One thought on “Wharton Queries: Teachable EW story involving gender and class?

  1. Gene Moore (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

    Dear Lelac,
    As someone who has enjoyed teaching a course on Wharton and Henry James at college level in Amsterdam, I would recommend “Xingu” as a first choice and either “Roman Fever” or “After Holbein” as alternatives. If you have room, you might ask students first to read Henry James’s “Daisy Miller,” which is also about class and gender, and then follow it with “Roman Fever” to show how customs and ideas changed over the course of a generation or two.
    Good luck with the course!

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