Minutes from the MLA 2018 EWS Board Meeting Available

The minutes from the EWS Board Meeting at MLA 2018 are available under Membership – EWS Business and also here: https://edithwhartonsociety.wordpress.com/membership/ews-business-2/2018-01-06-mla-board-meeting-minutes/

2 thoughts on “Minutes from the MLA 2018 EWS Board Meeting Available

  1. MeMe

    Dear EWS,

    I would like to attend the EWS section(s)/panel in San Francisco at ALA in May. Do I sign up through ALA?


    MeMe Riordan

    1. Donna Campbell Post author

      Dear MeMe,
      You don’t need to sign up to come to the panel; if you have registered for the conference, you can simply attend. To submit a paper, though, you’d have to contact the person organizing the panel.

      Thanks for writing.
      Donna Campbell

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