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Minutes from the MLA 2019 meeting

Minutes from the MLA 2019 Executive Board meeting are here:

You can find these and all the minutes from previous meetings under Membership – EWS Business:


Edith Wharton’s poem “The Room” (poem is in the reply)

Dean Sirs,
I am a teacher of English in an Italian High School and I sms desperately looking for the complete text of E. Wharton’s poem The Room but I could not find it anywhere on The net.
Could you please help me?
I thank you in advance and remain yours faithfully,
Prof. Marilena Beltramini
Inviato da iPhone

Edith Wharton’s THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT Monday, January 28, 2019

Single Tickets go on-sale October 22.

Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt
Featuring  Emily Brown, Kate Burton, Marin Ireland, and Jay O. Sanders and more to be announced!

“My dear, after twenty, all life is pretending, and it’s easier to pretend in a good house, than alone in a garret!” advises Lady Uske, urging our heroine Kate to return home to her husband, in Edith Wharton’s long-lost drama. Written 20 years before The Age of Innocence earned her the first Pulitzer Prize for Literature to be awarded to a woman, Wharton’s The Shadow of a Doubt contains kernels of the socially conscious characters and themes of her later masterpiece novels.

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