Edith Wharton’s poem “The Room” (poem is in the reply)

Dean Sirs,
I am a teacher of English in an Italian High School and I sms desperately looking for the complete text of E. Wharton’s poem The Room but I could not find it anywhere on The net.
Could you please help me?
I thank you in advance and remain yours faithfully,
Prof. Marilena Beltramini
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1 thought on “Edith Wharton’s poem “The Room” (poem is in the reply)

  1. dhefko

    The Room

    Flesh of my flesh, you walls
    That saw him when he came,
    How your curtained silence calls
    His name, his name, his name!

    You pillows of my bed,
    Where he stooped, where he lay his head,
    Window where, as we lay,
    The summer night turned grey,
    And the singing stars looked in,
    Saw us, & knew their kin—

    You threshold, where he turned,
    And went not while he went,
    Door, whence his first look yearned,
    Door, whence his last was sent—

    O, all my world in the world,
    Heart in my breast, O room!
    That held a million spheres unfurled—
    And are straiter now than a tomb. . .

    Wharton, Edith. “The Room.” _Selected Poems_. Ed. Louis Auchincloss. New York: Library of
    America, 2005. 166 – 167.

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