New Books: The Inadvertent Researcher by Linda Selman

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The Inadvertent Researcher is a beautifully illustrated, fascinating, and unusual detective book. It takes us on a compelling search through the worlds of 19th century society, literature, art, and journalism, as it discovers the hidden story behind a little-known Edith Wharton novella and brings to life the world and people of New York City and beyond in the Gilded Age. It gives its readers a delightful and highly recommended journey from a once famous but now forgotten Puck Magazine editor-in-chief H. C. Bunner to a pioneering suburban literary village to delicate watercolors and frescos. This marvelous tale of a vanished age brings together research and history in a lively and well-written book.

Stephen Marmon

Author, Editor Time-Life; Journalist The New York Times

2 thoughts on “New Books: The Inadvertent Researcher by Linda Selman

  1. Barbara Carole Sickmen

    So thrilled for you LINDA 💕You deserve
    this honor, and worked so hard for this
    Recognition so richly deserved !

    Much love,
    Barbara and Ron

  2. Dvorah Telushkin

    mazal tov mazal tov Linda Selman. From the inception of this research the passion for the material is unwavering! This electric voice continues throughout the narrative! Thank you for showcasing this worthy work! Dvorah Telushkin

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