EWS Business: Vote on Amendments to the EWS Constitution by February 7

Dear EWS Members,
I’d like to ask you to vote on two amendments to the EWS Constitution. The first is from the Executive Board proposing that the annual Board meeting, in the past held in person at the MLA convention, in the future be held in a virtual format such as Zoom. Please see the attached proposal for further details.

The second amendment is from Melanie and me, originally drafted in 2019, to create the position of Society Archivist. Due to an error or oversight no longer in anyone’s memory, this was not voted on in 2019. I would appreciate your vote now, particularly since we have already filled the position and Carole Shaffer-Koros has already located items of interest related to EWS history. This full proposal is also attached.

Please use this link to vote by Sunday, February 7, end of the day (wherever you are):

Please let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes to all. Hopefully we see some light at the end of COVID, but I know hard times are still here for many.


Dr. Jennifer Haytock

President, Edith Wharton Society