Edith Wharton Online Event: At Edith’s Table (February 11, 2021)

This online program will be streamed live via Zoom. Registration closes one hour prior to the event start time.

In this illustrated online talk, writer and food historian, Carl Raymond will present an overview of how food and dining are represented in Wharton’s major fiction and memoir.

Attendees will get a sense of how Wharton used food and dining to convey character and background in passages from some of her most memorable work.  Raymond will also present examples from Wharton’s own life including food memories from her childhood as well as insight into how she designed her own dining rooms and her thoughts on entertaining. In addition, attendees will come away with a glimpse of how dining functioned in the overall Gilded Age society and how it defined social class.

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  1. Donna Campbell Post author

    Dear Clare Collins–this event is being hosted by The Mount rather than by the Edith Wharton Society, so you’d need to click on the link at the top of the post to register. –Donna Campbell

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