“Roman Fever play

Dear Edith Wharton Society,
This is a preliminary note to seek any counsel you may have.  I have, with the permission of Watkins/Loomis Agency, obtained a limited permission to adaptation “Roman Fever” into a stage production.  This script is very faithful to the story and incorporates both traditional scenes and some proposed dance sequences to illustrate scenes from the two focal characters’ early life. I am in talks with the Annapolis Shakespeare Company here in Maryland to create a workshop production for later this year.  It is anticipated that the work would be livestreamed for a limited time and feature professional actors and dancers and original music. 
As with most workshops in regional theaters, the budget must be small and the funding for it cannot take away from the budgets for the theater company’s mainstage productions.  While a formal budget is in the works, we don’t anticipate it to amount to more than between 5 and 10 thousand dollars.  
Any knowledge you may have of possible donors, grants or sponsorships from organizations that would have particular interest in promoting the works of Edith Wharton would be very appreciated.  
I have attached my professional bio, and here is the link to the Annapolis Shakespeare Company for your information:  https://www.annapolisshakespeare.org/index.html
I am happy to communicate via email, phone or Zoom and provide the draft script or other information as needed.
WIth appreciation,
Greg Jones Elliswww.gregjonesellis.com