Tour Morocco with a Wharton Scholar

My name is Stacy Holden, and I am co-organizing a private excursion tracing Edith Wharton’s trip to Morocco in 1917.   This trip is tailored to Wharton fans or scholars who want to see Morocco and learn something of Wharton’s trip there 105 years ago.  

I lived in Morocco for three years, and have been traveling back and forth for 25 years.  With Amanda Mouttaki, a travel organizer based in Marrakesh, I hope to develop experiential learning for people who love Wharton or seek a more focused travel experience.  I attached an itinerary, and you can find it online here.  

A little bit more about myself: I have been a member of the Edith Wharton Society for about 5 years.  I am an Associate Professor of History at Purdue University, and my book-in-progress will assess Wharton  as drawing room diplomat who shaped ideas about early-twentieth century US policymaking both through her writing and through her elite networks.  

Links to my professional and private website are below.  


Stacy E. Holden, Ph.D.  

Associate Professor

Purdue University

University Hall 

672 Oval Drive 

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2087