About the site author

Donna Campbell is Lewis and Stella Buchanan Distinguished Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.  Her books include Resisting Regionalism: Gender and Naturalism in American Fiction, 1885-1915 (Ohio UP, 1997) and Bitter Tastes: Literary Naturalism and Early Cinema in American Women’s Writing (University of Georgia Press, 2016), a Choice Outstanding Academic Title (2017).  

Her most recent articles on Edith Wharton include “The Frenchwoman Dépaysée: Edith Wharton and Gabrielle Landormy, The Edith Wharton Review 35.2 (2019),  “Edith Wharton and Transnationalism” in The New Edith Wharton, ed. Jennifer Haytock and Laura Rattray (Cambridge, 2020), and the Foreword to Edith Wharton and Cosmopolitanism, ed. Meredith Goldsmith and Emily Orlando (2013). Other articles on Wharton include “Edith Wharton Meets Aquaman: The Glimpses of the Moon and Imperiled Male Culture in Entourage” (Journal of Popular Culture, Dec. 2012), and “The Next 150 Years: Wharton Goes Digital” in the Edith Wharton Review, a version of the keynote address she gave at the Edith Wharton in Florence conference in June 2012.  Other publications on Wharton include essays in Edith Wharton in Context (Cambridge UP 2012), The Edith Wharton Review, A Companion to the American Short Story (2009), Studies in American Fiction, and Studies in American Naturalism.

She is one of two associate editors, with Frederick Wegener, under General Editor Carol Singley for The Complete Works of Edith Wharton, an edition under contract with Oxford University Press, and is editing Volume 10, The House of Mirth, for the edition. She is a past President of the Edith Wharton Society and has developed and run its website since 1999.