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Queries: Architectural dimensions of Wharton’s Father’s library?

If possible, could someone please provide the architectural dimensions (or schematics) of Edith Wharton’s father’s gentleman’s library in Pencraig and Newport?

Thanks much,

Rashonda M. Wilson

Email: rashonda.wilson@gmail.com


Queries: Chapter 17 of Age of Innocence manuscript or Pictorial Review serial

I’m looking for [scans of] the manuscript and/or the Pictorial Review serialized publication of “Age of Innocence”. In particular, I’m interested in the passages that appear near the end of chapter 17, on p, 159 of the Grosset & Dunlap first edition (available here: https://archive.org/details/ageofinnocence00wharuoft ):

” “That,” said Dr. Carver, “is unfortunate—but here is my card.” He handed it to Archer, who read on it, in Gothic characters:

Agathon Carter
The Valley of Love
Kittasquattamy, N. Y.”

The Wharton Papers at Yale includes portions of the manuscript, but that passage is not part of their collection. Likewise, I have only been able to find the Pictorial Review scanned up to around 1916 in most library collections, both electronic and microfiche. If any of your members has copies of the magazine or (hope beyond hope!) has a lead on the missing portions of the manuscript, I would be eternally grateful.

Alexander Kraft

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