2013-2014 Queries

2013-2014 Queries

2013 Queries

I will be in the town of Versailles for a day between Jan. 10 and Jan. 14, and am hoping to find Wharton’s grave, in part to photograph it before the restoration takes place (for comparison after the restoration is done). I know she is buried in the Cimitiere des Gonards in Versailles, but cannot find any information about exactly where the grave is, and it is a fairly large cemetery.

Does anyone know the exact location of her grave? Failing that, does anyone know if the cemetery provides a list of “famous graves” or other information that would help me locate her grave?

Thank you in advance!
Julie Olin-Ammentorp

A post on The Mount’s blog locates Wharton’s grave “on the first row of Canton D”: http://www.edithwharton.org/blog/edith-wharton/directions-anyone

If you scroll down to the bottom of the following website, there is a map of the cemetery on which Canton D is identified:

I visited Wharton’s grave in May of 1997 and found the locals very helpful (in spite of my nonexistent French). A shopkeeper tore a map out of his phone book and marked the route to the cemetery for me. At the cemetery gates, a woman who worked there gave me another map and marked the location of Wharton’s grave.

Bon voyage!
Dan Hefko

am responding to Julie Olin-Ammentorp’s query regarding the location=
of EW’s grave at Cimitiere des Gonards. I’m sorry I didn’t see her qu=
ery before her planned visit, but am responding in case others wish to visi=
t.  I visited the grave in early February 2012.  At the entrance =
to the cemetary, the cemetary staff gave me a map locating her grave, and i=
t wasn’t a far walk, slightly uphill.  I’ve indicated on the map/pictu=
re below where I remember the grave is located. [There was a picture, but it couldn’t be posted.]

1 thought on “2013-2014 Queries

  1. Teresa Gómez Reus

    Could any one please confirm that these lines come from a letter Wharton sent to Berenson?
    “You mustn’t think there haven’t been bits of blue sky all the same; there always are with me; I can hardly ever wholly stop having a good time!”
    And where could I have the source of the quote?
    Thank you!


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