Novels and Novellas

Novels and Novellas (updated 1/1/2020)

Works by Edith Wharton (1862-1937)
An Edith Wharton Chronology (includes more exact dates of publication) 
Edith Wharton’s stories with original dates of publication 
Illustrations from the first edition of The House of Mirth

For information on films made from Edith Wharton’s works, go to the Edith Wharton Filmography.

    • Contemporary reviews of Edith Wharton’s works are available online at Wayback Machine Archive from the University of Virginia E-text Center.

All of the etexts of Edith Wharton’s works at the Wayback Machine archive of the UVA E-text center are here:

You can also get free, computer-generated audiobook versions of some of these works at Project Gutenberg or free narrated versions at

Novel Text or html file Page images at Google books
The Touchstone (1900) The Touchstone (1900)
The Valley of Decision (1902) The Valley of Decision (1902)
The House of Mirth (1905). 
Pictures from the first edition of 
The House of Mirth
The House of Mirth (1905). The House of Mirth
The Fruit of the Tree (1907) The Fruit of the Tree The Fruit of the Tree
Madame de Treymes (1907). Madame de Treymes (1907). Madame de Treymes
Ethan Frome (1911). Ethan Frome
The Reef (1912). The Reef (1912).
The Custom of the Country (1913) The Custom of the Country(1913) The Custom of the Country at
Summer (1917) Summer (1917)
The Marne (1918)
The Age of Innocence (1920) Page images from The Age of Innocence(1920).
The Glimpses of the Moon (1922) The Glimpses of the Moon(1922)
A Son at the Front (1923)
Old New York (1924)

1/1/2020: Now available and in the Public Domain in the US!

The Spark, False Dawn, New Year’s Day, The Old Maid

The Mother’s Recompense (1925)
Twilight Sleep (1927)
The Children (1928)
Hudson River Bracketed (1929)
The Gods Arrive (1932)
The Buccaneers (1938) (searchable full text at Michigan)
Fast and Loose (1977)

The Project Gutenberg collection of Edith Wharton’s works includes computer-generated audio files.

  • The Age of Innocence – 572 KB
  • Bunner Sisters – 186 KB (See also the Project Gutenberg version at
  • The Touchstone – 168 KB
  • House of Mirth – 706 KB
  • Summer – 318 KB
  • The Glimpses of the Moon – 466 KB
  • The Reef – 531 KB
  • Early Short Fiction – 249 KB
  • Early Short Fiction: Part Two – 260 KB
  • Verse – 32.5 KB


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