2023-01-12 EWS MLA Board Meeting

EWS MLA Board Meeting

Thursday, January 12, 2023 – 12:00-1:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Via Zoom

In attendance:

Myrto Drizou, Margaret Jay Jessee, Jennifer Haytock, Mary Carney, Anna Girling, Stacy E. Holden, Sheila Liming, Rita Bode, Donna Campbell

  1. 12:00 PM Appointment of Secretary Jay Jessee to take minutes
  • 12:02 PM Thanks to outgoing officers (term: Jan. 1, 2021-Dec. 31, 2022)
    • Jennifer Haytock, President
    • Melanie Dawson, Immediate Past President
    • Sharon Kim, Treasurer
    • Laura Rattray, Member-at-Large
    • Virginia Ricard, Member-at-Large
    • Meg Toth, Member-at-Large
  • 12:10 PM Welcome to incoming officers (term: Jan. 1, 2023-Dec. 31, 2024)
    • Jennifer Haytock, Immediate Past President
    • Arielle Zibrak, Secretary
    • Mary Carney, Treasurer
    • Anna Girling, Member-at-Large
    • Stacy E. Holden, Member-at-Large
  • 12:15 PM Announcements
    • Edith Wharton Birthday Talk in collaboration with Transatlantic Literary Women (January 23, 5 pm UK/ 12:00 EST, Donna Campbell)
  • EWS awards (CFP)

Volunteers needed for judgine our annual 3 awards. Please let Myrto or Jay know if you are willing.

  • 12:30 PM Officer reports
    • Vice President (Margaret Jay Jessee)

We have a solid number of proposals for the Wharton and Beauty panel at ALA but not enough for the Wharton and Weather panel, so the board decided to eliminate the Wharton and Weather and have 2 Wharton and beauty panels.

  • Treasurer (Sharon Kim and Mary Carney)

The funds are sound and our new CD at Chase Bank is set up and accruing 3% interest.

  • Membership Coordinator (Sheila Liming)

We currently have 139 members and 3 institutional subscriptions. We are hoping to grow the member number with potential conferences in the future.

  • Edith Wharton Review editor (Rita Bode)

38.1 is in press. Katrin Horn is the new associate editior and Nir Evron and Jennifer Haytock have joined the board. Addition of teaching notes with interesting topics such as teaching Wharton in digital forms. The journal is always happy to receive submissions from established scholars, beginning scholars, and graduate students working on any of Wharton’s texts.

  • Webmaster (Donna Campbell)

Visitors to the website were up a bit in 2022. There are 654 following on Twitter and a 125 on the mailing list.

  • EWS Archivist (Carole Shaffer-Koros)

Carole has so far archived the first 18 years of the Society

  • Symposium Director (Sheila Liming)

Continuing discussions about a potential 2024 symposium at the Mount, but more research and discussions are needed before any official decisions.

  • 12:40 PM Discussion items
    • Renewal of appointment for Carole Shaffer-Koros as Archivist

Unanimous agreement that Carol serve another term in this role. She has done fantastic work on the first 18 years of the EWS society so far.

  • EWS Symposium and appointment of conference committee / c. Next international conference—when and where?

Discussions of conferences still ongoing but many exciting ideas came up.

  • Ideas for next MLA and ALA panels?

We will focus our CFP on the MLA theme of Celebrations and Rituals. We may revisit the Wharton and Weather panel for the next ALA.

  • Other suggestions for EWS activities or ways to connect our members

Please send any ideas you might have to one of the officers

1:00 PM Meeting Adjourned