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Edith Wharton Panel at ALA (May 25-28, 2017, in Boston)

Session 9-K     Wharton Chapters: Discussing Wharton within Book Projects

Organized by the Edith Wharton Society

Chair: Melanie Dawson, College of William and Mary

1.    “The descendants of Daisy Miller: Edith Wharton and the development of the flirt,” Juliet Conway, Edinburgh University

2.    “Passing Without Failing: Edith Wharton’s Undine and Jessie Redmond Fauset’s Angela,” Madison Priest, The Graduate Center, CUNY

3.    “Wharton, Writing, and Modern Advice,” John Nichols, Christopher Newport University

Responder: Arielle Zibrak, University of Wyoming at Caspar

EWS Executive Board Seeks Nominations

The Edith Wharton Society seeks to fill up to two Member-at-Large positions on its Executive Board for the 2017-19 term. If you are interested in serving, please send your name and a brief biographical statement (one paragraph) to the EWS Secretary, Jennifer Haytock, at by March 30, 2017. We will hold elections after that date, and the two candidates who receive the most votes will serve.

In order to encourage broad participation, the EWS particularly encourages new nominations. Candidates must be members in good standing of the Edith Wharton Society. Membership dues can be paid here:

The Society’s by-laws, which outline the responsibilities of the Members at Large, can be found here:


Interested persons may also contact any current Board member for more information.

From Laura Rattray: Custom of the Country Competition News

Competition News


Thank you to everyone who entered our writing competition, linked to our first book club choice, Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country (1913), narrating the exploits of a certain Undine Spragg.  We really enjoyed reading your entries, which – in true transatlantic literary women style—were received from both sides of the Atlantic.

We asked you to write a dating profile for Undine Spragg or create one of Mrs Heeny’s newspaper clippings, with a report on one of Undine’s parties.

There was no shortage of ideas, but we do have a winner. Congratulations to Deborah Molloy from Kent, UK, who gives us a contemporary twist on a dating profile as Undine opts for the direct, targeted approach. Forget about being the Ambassador’s Wife!

Here’s Deborah’s winning entry, printed with permission. Enjoy!

I Mean To Have The Best


Dear Mr President


I am taking the unusual step of placing this personal ad as I realise that a terrifically busy man like you might not have time for niceties. I am currently between husbands, and really feel we were made for each other.  I really, truly admire the way you always get what you want, power is the biggliest thrill, don’t you think?  My daddy was a Wall Street man and I feel we speak the same language – alternative facts are the way forward.  I have always felt I belonged on Fifth Avenue; why we’re practically neighbours!  So, if you decide you want a First Lady who’s the home-made article my mamma will be happy to receive you at the Stentorian Hotel, 1 W 72nd St. Perhaps we can talk about lifting restrictions on pigeon-blood rubies.


With warmest regards

Ms Undine Spragg-Marvell-de Chelles-Moffatt




More info on the series available here:


and here:

EWS Membership Directory Updated

Thanks to Membership Secretary Myrto Drizou, the Membership Directory has been updated at

From Myrto:

“Memberships marked with “33.1” or “33.2” are active; they correspond to spring 2017 and fall 2017 respectively. If a membership is marked “32” or lower, it has expired. We kindly invite all our members to renew for 2017, as the new issue of the _Edith Wharton Review_ will soon be published.”

You can renew your membership on the Membership page”


Happy 155th Birthday to Edith Wharton!

whartondogsOn January 24, 1862, Edith Newbold Jones, later Wharton, was born in New York City. Happy birthday, Edith Wharton! Your novels, plays, stories, essays, and poems have made a lasting contribution to literature. And would that we could all balance tiny dogs on our shoulders with as much aplomb as you do.

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