2011-01-07 MLA

Minutes of Edith Wharton Executive Board- 7 January 2011
Los Angeles, CA-MLA 11:30 a.m.

Attendance: Margaret Murray, Gary Totten, Emily Orlando, Fred Wegener

1. The Board requests that Fred Wegener stay on for one additional year. He agrees
to this , and the Board expresses its gratitude.

2. The Board votes to move Executive Board meetings to electronic forum. Because
of current economic constraints on academic travel, at least one Board meeting a
year will be held electronically.

3. Nominations to the Executive Board and for the position of Secretary will be
solicited from January to March. A call for nominations will be sent to the
membership A notice of same will be posted on the website. The nominations
committee is chaired by the Secretary, according to the Bylaws (8.1.2)

4. .The Executive Board delegates the President, Margaret Murray, to contact Irene
Goldman and Alan Price to ask if they will agree to serve as the Election
Committee. Pending their agreement, ballots will be sent to them.

5. Because the Society is limited to one guaranteed panel, Margaret Murray solicited
suggestions for next year’s panel. In keeping with the theme of the Florence
conference, next year’s M:LA panel will be “Wharton at 150.”

6. Emily Orlando offers comments on the upcoming conference, and motions for for
a vote on the budget. Gary Totten seconds motion. A vote to accept the budget,
as submitted on the E-Board, for a total of $5,704 proceeds. Because of current
economic conditions, a majority of the Board could not be present. As agreed on
the E-Board, those present carry proxy votes:
Emily Orlando for Meredith Goldsmith
Fred Wegener for Hildegard Hoeller
Margaret Murray for Linda Cahir
Yea-5 Nay-0 Abstain- 2 (Murray and Cahir)
Acceptance of the budget will allow planning for the Florence conference in June 2012.

Fred Wegener suggests to Emily Orlando that I Tatti might be contacted for a possible
tour during the conference.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Murray
13 January 2011

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