Works by Year

Works by Edith Wharton (1862-1937)
An Edith Wharton Chronology (includes more exact dates of publication) 
Edith Wharton’s stories with original dates of publication

Information adapted from Shari Benstock, “Chronology of Works by Edith Wharton” in No Gifts from Chance, pp. 468-69. “Novellas” includes only those works published separately; others such as “Bunner Sisters” were included in short story collections. The following abbreviations indicate the first publishers for the primary works; see Benstock for the major reprints of these works to 1993.

A = D. Appleton and Company
AC = Appleton-Century
C = Century
MS = Medici Society, London
S = Charles Scribner’s Sons

  Novels Novellas Short Stories Travel, Essays, Plays, and Poems
1878       Verses (privately printed by C. E. Hammett, Jr., Newport, R.I.)
1897       The Decoration of Houses (S)
1899     The Greater Inclination (S)  
1900   The Touchstone (S)    
1901     Crucial Instances (S)  
1902 The Valley of Decision (S)     The Joy of Living (translation of a play) (S)
1903   Sanctuary (S)    
1904     The Descent of Man and Other Stories (S) Italian Villas and Their Gardens (C)
1905 The House of Mirth (S)     Italian Backgrounds (S)
1906   Madame de Treymes (S)    
1907 The Fruit of the Tree (S)      
1908     The Hermit and the Wild Woman and Other Stories (S) A Motor-Flight Through France (S)
1909       Artemis to Actaeon and Other Verses (S)
1910     Tales of Men and Ghosts (S)  
1911 Ethan Frome* (S)      
1912 The Reef (A)      
1913 The Custom of the Country (S)      
1915       Fighting France, from Dunkerque to Belfort (S)
1916     Xingu and Other Stories (S) The Book of the Homeless (S)
1917 Summer (S)      
1918 The Marne (S)      
1919       French Ways and Their Meaning (A)
1920 The Age of Innocence (A)     In Morocco (travel) (S)
1922 The Glimpses of the Moon (A)      
1923 A Son at the Front (S)      
1924   Old New York: False Dawn, The Old Maid, The Spark, New Year’s Day (A)    
1925 The Mother’s Recompense (A)     The Writing of Fiction (essays) (S)
1926     Here and Beyond (A) Twelve Poems (MS)
1927 Twilight Sleep (A)      
1928 The Children (A)      
1929 Hudson River Bracketed (A)      
1930     Certain People (A)  
1932 The Gods Arrive (A)      
1933     Human Nature (A)  
1934       A Backward Glance (memoir) (A)
1936     The World Over (A)  
1937     Ghosts (A)  
Posthumously published works
1938 The Buccaneers, unfinished novel      
1938       Eternal Passion in Poetry, ed. With Robert Norton and Gaillard Lapsley
1968     The Collected Short Stories, ed. R. W. B. Lewis  
1973     The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton**  
1977 Fast and Loose: A Novelette, ed. Viola Hopkins Winner      
1992       The Cruise of the Vanadis (travel)
1993 Fast and Loose and The Buccaneers, ed. Viola Hopkins Winner      


  • Benstock lists this as a novella, but it is often considered a novel.
  • **This volume is the same as Ghosts except that it omits “A Bottle of Perrier” and adds “The Looking Glass”

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