Nonfiction Books, Essays, and Travel

Nonfiction: Books, Essays, and Travel Pieces

For information on films made from Edith Wharton’s works, go to the Edith Wharton Filmography.

A Tuscan Shrine Scribner’s (travel essay; January 1895) (MOA)

The Decoration of Houses (1897). Page images at University of Wisconsin.

The Decoration of Houses. Page images at Google Books.

“The Vice of Reading” (1903)

Italian Villas and Their Gardens (1904) (Page images at Google Books) 

Italian Backgrounds (1905)(Page images at Google Books)

A Motor-Flight Through France (1908) (Page Images at Google Books)

The Book of the Homeless (1916) Page images at 

Fighting France from Dunquerque to Belforte (1915, 1918) Illustrated HTML version at the Online Books Page

Fighting France (page images at Google Books)

“In Argonne” from Fighting France; includes a picture of Wharton.

French Ways and their Meaning (1919)(Page images at Google Books)

In Morocco (1920)

The Writing of Fiction (1925)

A Backward Glance (1934) (Readers outside the US can find links to this work at

The Letters of Edith Wharton (ed.) R. W. B. Lewis and Nancy Lewis (1988)

In an Alpine Posting-Inn”

1 thought on “Nonfiction Books, Essays, and Travel

  1. lakeviewpilgrim

    I am reading ” In Morocco ” currently. I will be in Tangiers in April. I love her wriitng style and her ability to convey the Morocco after the WWI and its former hsitory thorugh the ages.


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